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30 Hour Classroom - Full Driver's Education8 Hour Classroom - Mandatory Safe Driving Practices Program

I, am interested in taking Driver Education in order to obtain a driver’s license. The parent/guardian, as well as the student, will be jointly responsible to comply with the rules and regulations, which have been reviewed.

By signing below I understand and accept the following:
  • Pre-registration for each class is required. Only one class per day is allowed. Students are required to have paper, writing utensil, and microphone accessible for each online class.
  • Each classroom session will involve a quiz. Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign the quiz confirming their teen attended the full two hour session. Each quiz will need to be brought to Global in the future to obtain credit for the class.
  • Although students will be able to attend classes from home, students are expected to respect the fact they are attending a class. As instructors we have a right to remove any students who are not respectful to the class.
  • Topics such as car crashes and organ donation will be discussed along with visuals and/or presenters

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